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LED strips soldering machine PCX-800

LED strip light soldering machine PCX-800

LED Soft light strip plate soldering machinehow to soldering led strip lighthow to soldering led strip light

Product Brief:
PCX-800 LED Soft light strip plate soldering machine is a dedicated automatic welding equipment for 5 meter LED strip welding,According to the characteristics of LED equipment 5 meters depth of humanization design, engaged in a variety of different solder joints instead of manual soldering work, solve the manual welding of weld solder joint is not uniform, and other phenomena, and compatible with a variety of types of LED soft strip size of welding, simple operation and high practicability, quality stability, greatly enhance the efficiency.

First, product advantages:

1.Simple programming, operation control box mobile head position.

2.Welding speed, high efficiency, a solder machine can save 5-6 people

3.Save tin wire, good consistency of solder joint

4.High power heating controller ensures the stability of continuous welding

The utility model relates to a double head fine tuning welding gun structure, which is convenient for regulating the welding torch spacing and synchronous operation

5.Multi axis manipulator, advanced motion control algorithm, to improve the kinematic positioning accuracy and repeatability accuracy

6.According to the professional design of the lamp batten, it is convenient for manual feeding and feeding

7.Production efficiency: 1800-2000 meters /H.

9、It can replace the manual process and optimize the quality control.

10、Improve efficiency, save manpower, simple operation, new staff can achieve the welding effect of skilled workers

Two, scope of application:

LED soft light plate soldering machine application range: suitable for LED monochromatic light, 5050RGB lamp string, lamp belt, lamp strip and other products

Three, technical parameters:

NO. Item parameter
1 Device name LED soldering machine for soft light strip plate
2 Model PCX-800
3 control mode 32position DSP
4 Welding head 2 iron heads work at the same time
5 Working stroke X axis 350MM,Z axis 150MM,platform 1000MM
6 Repeatability accuracy ±0.05mm
7 Equipment power 600w
8 Power Supply 220V,50-60HZ
9 weight 100KG
10 Size 1600*1200*1400(长*宽*高)

Technical parameter configuration:

Automatic soldering machine configuration
NO Name brand
1 Control system independent research and development
2 Motor High precision motor
3 Guide Taiwan PMI
4 sensor Japan:OMRON
5 Pneumatic components Air TAC
6 Power Supply Meanwell
7 Welding gun heating mode High frequency custom welding table
8 Drive mode Japan Misumi industrial belt

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